Ankle orthopaedic centre prompt you: this is the correct corrective method of flat feet

The size of children age 1 began to learn to walk, but your child is whether there is the following? For example the baby just learning to walk often hold, or have children learning to walk often shout tired, actually these are the children in parents signal that discomfort, watch your child may have flat feet! Ankle orthopaedic centre prompt you: child shout tired for holding may be foot development exist some hidden trouble, lead to walk. So parents must pay more attention to the child in the foot, the symptom such as whether people with flat feet, foot evaginate, if found problems full of children, must be more to the specialized institutions for testing, can wear corrective shoes to intervene when necessary. Why do children suffer from flat feet? Actually flat feet when standing refers to the low arch or subsidence, arch lack push and shock absorption function, walking a long time will be easy to tired feet. In fact, the child before the age of four, the foot of the adipose thicker, have the effect of shock absorption, so at this stage of flat feet caused no significant effect. But after 4 years old, as the slowly development of present and foot arches and a thick fat is absorbed gradually, knee joint, and the role of visceral shock absorption and protection to replace by arch. This stage, if the child is walking a little more, a foot began to pain; After running a foot fatigue and pain more easily than ordinary people; Walk in eight words, heel inside is very easy to wear, children may suffer from serious flat feet. So, whether people with flat feet need to wear corrective shoes, children’s correct shoes how do you choose? If the child’s flat feet more severe cases, it is need to be worn to the specialized agencies to correct shoes, children’s correct shoes custom center, for example, according to the patient’s specific situation tailored corrective shoes, ankle orthopaedic doctor according to the patient’s diagnosis, symptoms, signs and foot auxiliary examination results, with the demand of clinical treatment, after the comprehensive analysis of design personalized orthopaedic prescription. Orthopaedic prescription to possess a global concept, establish, mid, and long-term orthopaedic treatment goals recently, cooperate with the clinical treatment and rehabilitation. By using the digital model at the same time, according to the orthopaedic doctor orthopaedic prescription, using professional software to orthopedic shoes and orthopedic insole design, make personalized orthopedic shoes mold and accessories, 3 d printing orthopedic insoles, final assembly and into. Suitable for all kinds of foot disease patients, for patients with better pertinence, has good function. Finally, ankle orthopaedic centre prompts you again to remind parents, children problem that nots allow to ignore, especially after the toddlers, must observe the child’s foot in time development situation, found that early treatment, early treatment and the sooner, the better the results, choose the correct shoes is key!