Cerebral palsy children don’t wear shoes with correct blindly, parents should pay attention to

Pediatric cerebral palsy is often suffer from a disease, a lot of children with cerebral palsy often there will be movement disorders or disorder symptoms such as posture, here small make up recommend parents of cerebral palsy patients must be the first child some more patience, active treatment, because every child is the angel of the gift of god with defects. If you are after the waist FSPR surgery for children also do not need to wear corrective shoes, here recommend corrective shoes for you, more scientific alleviate the child’s lower limb deformities, gradually returned to normal. Small make up also sincerely wishes for patients to treatment at an early date finally successful, live a happy and healthy life. Why

small make up will give parents suggest corrective shoes?

because it can customized correction on the basis of the condition of the patient’s shoes, ankle orthopaedic doctor according to the patient’s diagnosis, symptoms, signs and foot auxiliary examination results, with the demand of clinical treatment, after the comprehensive analysis to design personalized orthopaedic prescription. By external force which makes children body back to normal. The equivalent of a template, and then let the child’s foot according to find a template to go. So although can make children feet long is normal, but it will affect children skeletal muscle growth, to the child in the future the growth of the body is very bad.

some parents in order to change the child physical deformities with children had FSPR surgery and the surgery by remove the limb spasm of patients with pediatric cerebral palsy and bound to remove to the patients. This is now a new method of treatment of spastic type infantile cerebral palsy, for mild way of clubfoot the treatment effect is very obvious, largely through surgery can restore through training like a normal person. For severe deformity orthopaedic surgery is needed.

corrective shoes custom-made center prompts you:

the waist FSPR surgery is to reduce the purpose of the lower limb muscle tension, improve limb spasm in a short period of time, to achieve the effect of rehabilitation training alone cannot achieve, lay the foundation for postoperative rehabilitation. Do you want to wear shoes with correct must be decided according to the postoperative symptoms, to assess whether there is a knee hyperextension, whether there is a foot, ectropion, whether to have the Achilles tendon contracture, no matter which symptoms must be on the basis of rehabilitation training and then make a decision whether to wear shoes with correct, purpose is to improve both the lower limb muscle strength, and avoid causing other abnormal posture. If orthopaedic surgery has correct the abnormal shape of the body, the focus of the postoperative also improve lower extremity muscle strength, after muscle increase if there is knee and will need to wear corrective shoes to fixed, so as to prevent the occurrence of abnormal posture.

the small make up remind everybody, for children with cerebral palsy, no matter which kind of surgery, postoperative must first improve the power of the body, and then decide whether to wear shoes with correct according to the specific symptoms, if put on blindly, will affect the development of the child’s body. So be sure to information science, again finally wish every little angels can recover at an early date!