Cerebral palsy children’s ankle support training

6 million patients with cerebral palsy in China, including 0 Nearly 2 million children 6 years of age, an annual increase of cerebral palsy children 3 – 40000 cases, due to the parents to the lack of cognition of diseases, combined with the delay in diagnosis and treatment and escape the diagnosis and treatment, cause cerebral palsy morbidity of 42% – in our country 45%! The treatment of cerebral palsy, especially in the rehabilitation training is urgently needed.

in addition to the treatment and training for professional rehabilitation facility, daily family training is also essential, should according to the motor development order of pediatric when training, such as from the control of the head to roll over, sitting up, crawling, standing, walking, such as training sequence, and systematic rehabilitation training.

01 prone position digit support training

children prone to treat bed, elbow support, head raised, leg unbend. Therapist in children with sufficient turbulence, so that the children with ankle and toes dorsiflexion and plantar palm side support bed surface, the therapist can be appropriately pressure on the direction from the heel to the toes, training support ability.

02 supine foot support training

children lie on your back in bed treatment, the therapist in children with foot end to assist children with foot dorsiflexion, then bend your knees hip flexion, make the children with a foot flat on the bed surface, the therapist can be appropriately from the knee to the direction of plantar pressure, training a foot support ability.

03 lateral position sufficient lateral support training

children lie on the bed, in the side of the body straight, upper arm free, upper limb flexor hip bend your knees, hips inward turning, sufficient support on the bed surface, lateral foot touchdown, treatment from knee to the direction of plantar pressure training sufficient lateral support ability.

4 seat full foot support training

on all kinds of seat position, especially on the seat body center of gravity forward, can make the part weight to foot load, children sat on a small chair or cylindrical, hip flexion bend your knees and feet flat on the ground, through the columns of the scroll can make children lean forward induced weight to a foot of the load, or from the direction of the knee to the plantar pressure on training the ability to support. The adjustable chair height and the Angle of knee training from different parts of the foot support ability.