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Children knee development growth rule

by:Ideastep     2020-09-21
Baby the whole development of lower limbs, from infancy to phase 6 years old, knee Angle along with the growth change, forming O leg and X leg, this is the normal development of the process.

knee point of view, refers to the young children, while standing on the thighs and legs draw a points after the center line, measure the Angle.

- at the age of 0 1. Within 5 years old, the baby in the womb, the leg is O ( Genu varus) And development to 1. Five years old when they turned straight.

1。 5 years of age - 2. 5 years of age, young children use line, lower weight, X leg ( Knock knees) Angle increased, genu valgum within 10 °.

2。 5 years of age - 6 years old, in the process of bone growth and development, this stage cuboid distal and small leg gradually gaiden, genu valgus Angle decreases, knock knees within 6 ° normal state, namely the knee distance about 1 inch ( 2. 45厘米) 。

compensatory leg problem, in a significant knee/outer case, after the compensatory sufficient evaginate, subtalar joint pronation, scaphoid subsidence is often appear, affect the gait and growth.

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