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Children serious flat feet? Correct shoes to help you

by:Ideastep     2020-08-26

flat feet high occurrence period of both men and women focused on 6 - 11, 12 - During several ages 17, we think this developing children's feet, malnutrition, lack of exercise, shoes don't science can cause flat feet.

the serious flat feet often easy to let the foot fatigue and pain, such as early intervention, increases the child adult plantar fasciitis, spurs, heel pain, thumb hallux valgus foot diseases such as risk. Serious flat feet have such effect, that what to do, maybe correct shoes can help you?

if you have flat feet with more apparent, can under the guidance of a doctor, use wear corrective shoes custom orthopedic insoles and correction, on foot to intervene, it is said that after wearing shoes, can the centralizer heel, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child go more steady, joint strain rate can be reduced, still can alleviate muscle fatigue and pain. In addition, you can do every day picking beans and stepping on toes logs, kicking shuttlecock, such as sports, more conducive to relieve foot problems.

prevent children flat feet can pay attention to the following: 1. Reasonable nutrition, avoid obesity, better arch has not yet formed, unfavorable and overmuch practice walking; 2. Preschool children and should not be restricted play barefoot, walking barefoot can improve the ankle bones muscles strength, exercise ankle, enhance its flexibility, also can do the foot muscle exercise such as rope skipping, stand on tiptoe, etc; 3. To avoid a long standing and walking, pay attention to rest, to reduce the load of arch burden, let the organization to get sufficient rest. People don't ignore the harm done by the flat feet, to learn more about the dangers of flatfoot symptoms, flat feet, help people can effectively prevent the happening of the flat feet and have a healthy life.

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