Children’s orthopedic shoes what brand is good, know?

Children full of problems, the golden age of adolescence is correct, similar to a flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, etc can be corrected by correction of shoe. But to buy correct shoes must look for the brand, in order to get quality assurance, can also according to the foot of personalized customization, here small make up recommend children correct shoe for all parents friends custom center.

it is known that used to be a Canadian rock group wholly owned subsidiary, the company adopts the world first-class production equipment and technology, have a professional orthopedic clinical and technology research and development team, is the world’s advanced level in the field of ankle orthopaedic. Ankle orthopaedic centre for the company’s external window, centre staff have qualified physician qualification and orthoses teacher qualification, there are currently deputy chief physician 2, 1 doctor, master 2 doctoral candidates. Director of the center for the 19 doctor is training, appointed by the Canadian headquarters chief orthopaedic expert, has clinical experience in nearly 20 years at home and abroad. Center is located in chaoyang district of Beijing water cube is the south, have their own independent outpatient building, with European and American standard foot detection, diagnosis, type, system equipment and technology. Doctor liu in the field of foot deformity of basic and clinical research work, has the international most advanced orthopedic theory and practical experience, especially good at all kinds of children’s ankle orthopaedic. , small make up also learned that investment in China in 2003, dalian high-tech park, is a major production base will be transferred to Beijing now. Production of a variety of orthopedic shoes, pathology and medical use shoes export-oriented, provide professional medical institutions around the world, is one of the few manufacturers in this field, the company has a number of invention patents and other intellectual property rights. With many domestic famous universities of biomechanics and orthopaedic professional scientific research cooperation, and at the same time a number of well-known domestic hospital clinical cooperation, closely to the international non-surgical orthopaedic concept applied in the treatment of ankle disease, provide reasonable orthopaedic services for the majority of patients. Finally, prompt you: choose the correct insoles custom is only the first step, carried out in accordance with the scientific guide to wear, and the right amount of exercise can help children better foot correction.