Choose good corrective shoes can change a child’s life?

choose good corrective shoes can change a child’s life?

the foot medical association survey, 53% of people suffer from serious foot pain disease, a quarter of people worldwide suffer from foot disease, only a small part of which is congenital, mostly in the day after tomorrow. Foot is an important part of the human body, its health have a crucial impact on adolescent physical and mental development. China have increased year by year in the number of children more than 2 million, including congenital or acquired flat feet, foot inner/outer and inner/outer horoscope, X leg, O leg accounted for the vast majority of, is the parents most concerned about the topic.

children than adults, there is no solid body condition, bones, and nervous system in puberty, a little slack may develop bad habits.

so, also no wonder many son eager mothers behave too nervous, after all, once some things do not good, the result is to affect a child’s life.


but if the children really foot problems, or as a result of the gait is not straight enough inner/outer and inner/outer, X/O eight legs, poor coordination, and poor mental health problems, don’t be too nervous, while the child is still in puberty remedy in time, is completely able to recover.

in today’s correction scheme, correct shoes with correct training has developed to a mature.

corrective training

corrective training is by repeating a particular action, of muscle around the foot, ankle, balanced to exercise the leg muscles, adjust the body to the best state.

is also a need to insist for a long time to process, need to keep on day after day.

corrective shoes

the correct shoes can make correct training effect of get twice the result with half the effort, and the increasingly accumulated, to avoid the training again after a period of time back to prototype, and greatly shortens the corrective period.

thanks to correct shoes of human body engineering design, in the development of children can rapidly form a good habit, adjust the body posture gait to health and vigor level, both for mental, physical, learning, temperament, behavior there will be a big help. Ask a health smart baby, who do not love?


imagine, if there is no correct shoes, children will be long to unhealthy inside/outside of eight, X/O leg movement, cause the body and coordination, humpback, shoulder, brain, bone, and nervous system dysplasia, even irreversible damage & hellip;

, by contrast, a good pair of correct shoes can bring children, never stop at correct posture, more is to form a good habit, auxiliary children develop into a better myself.

said corrective shoe can change a child’s life, a little too much.

that how a pair of correct shoes, ability to undertake the important task of this?


first of all, must be made safe, can let the child to wear. Protective performance is good, the second is to give the child a full range of travel.

the most important or shoes corrective effect, whether it is a flat feet, foot inner/outer and inner/outer transition, X/O leg, require shoes are according to actual condition to select, because only in this way can we achieve the best corrective effect.

however, even if to do the above, just reached the correct shoes basic level, shoes, really good correction has more characteristics.

1, the appearance of the fashion

in addition to security, corrective effect is good, excellent correct the appearance of the shoes also has a pair of fashion shoes, make children fondle admiringly at the same time, also won’t like hospital orthopedic shoe, strange eyes attract others, harm the child heart.

2, visible feedback

corrective shoes should reflect the status of your feet, make correct visible effect of the function, such as the abrasion of the sole to analyze the correct schedule Thomas bottoms.

3, power-assist performance

power-assist performance also cannot be ignored, although correct shoes can’t instead of sneakers, but let is also important to walk more relaxed, not tired feet a plus.

corrective insoles and myopia glasses, require strict fitting to choose to suit their own products. When consumers buy corrective to correct shoes custom-made center insoles, foot orthopaedic division will let consumers foot check in detail, and then according to the professional foot data analysis, recommend the most suitable corrective insoles for consumers.

as we have learned through the analysis of the large data of more than a decade custom insoles, the children of different foot shape is divided into five categories, and research and development design 5 followed by locking corrective insoles, suitable for most of the children with serious foot problems, make the correct insoles production system: faster, shorter time and better quality, both creative and practical are recognized.

the child’s shoes are long-term wear on their feet, a pair of suitable shoes can not only let the children feel comfortable, effectively protect your feet, more deeply influence the health of her steps and a good walk, so be sure to choose shoes science, pay attention to the baby’s foot health.


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