Clinical treatment of congenital vertical talus and correct solution

Congenital vertical talus is a rare severe congenital club foot, also known as congenital rocking chair form flat feet, for the single foot disease, more commonly men more than women. ( A) Etiology pathology, etiology is unclear, is due to the deformity caused by various factors. ( 2) Clinical manifestations can be found after birth because of abnormal position causes the inside circle from bone ridge, enough to keep up with become warped valgus, standing heel, no front foot dorsiflexion and plantar present convex, therefore calls malformed rocking chair. Along with the age growth and walk on the increase of load, tarsal bone adaptation will occur, make it become a gourd shape, talus its longitudinal axis is almost parallel to the tibial longitudinal axis. Forefoot severe valgus, when load continues to increase with increasing bone and the distance of the ground, soft tissue contracture obviously, after tibial muscle and peroneal muscle length can be moved to the front two ankle, ankle range obviously decrease so stiff, gait clumsy. ( 3) The aim of treatment for treatment of congenital vertical talus, is to restore the suitable foot line, around the front feet from dorsiflexion returned to in situ, surgical treatment, in principle, the sooner the better, is thought to have 6 months after surgery, according to the weight of the lesions, and different age its operation method also have corresponding change. 1 ~ 4 years old with open reduction and involution is apart from the boat again joints and subtalar joints, if there is soft tissue contracture and give solution and extend, open reduction and 4 ~ 8 years old, under the full release of soft tissue at the same time spaced bone joint fusion fixation. But its many foot dorsal skin contracture, and influence the treatment effect, so it should be used in patients with less than 3 years of Ilizarov traction technology gradually corrected, so it can keep the length of the foot, at the age of 12 or more feasible three joint arthrodesis. When choosing the correct shoe, congenital vertical talus evaginate degree belong to heavy, don’t control influences the walking function. Orthopedic shoes control efforts have to be very big, can control the skeleton further deformation. Generally speaking, the correction of congenital vertical talus fixed number of year is long, need time to wear to keep orthopedic shoes. Correct shoes custom-made center is committed to the domestic medical orthopedic system construction, strive to Canada mature ankle orthopaedic system introduced into China. In clinical medical institutions at all levels to carry out extensive cooperation, helping to build their own medical institutions orthopaedic department, for all levels of hospital culture, full-time or part-time orthopedic medical staff to make medical institutions at all levels have some diagnosis, detection, data acquisition, scheme design, curative effect evaluation. Will provide professional technology, services, and products, improve the structure of the medical institutions at all levels, for the majority of patients to provide reasonable and effective corrective work.