Correct shoes | horseshoe varus foot is what causes, what should we do?

the horseshoe varus foot is what causes, what should we do?

strephenopodia is a congenital disease, when children are born can obviously found abnormal. When found that children with strephenopodia phenomenon should be treated early, after otherwise easy to cause difficulty in treatment of late. Said many parents in the confusion, what pigeon-toed phenomenon occurred in children?

1, muscle, neuropathy theory: some scholars think that CCF is the result of early fetal muscle imbalances. Bones, joints and soft tissue contracture is secondary to muscle imbalances adaptability to change, and the change of strength is based on neural abnormality. Think the disease is a kind of neuromuscular disorders.

2, vascular dysplasia: angiography was carried out on the CCF disease foot found foot have vascular abnormalities, the tarsal sinus area poor blood supply and vascular disorders. Vascular change is apparent in the early fetus, the defect is the result of vascular rupture or developmental defect, ischemia or thrombosis cause lack of oxygen, the formation of the affected limb bud, resulting in the horseshoe varus deformity.

3, soft tissue dysplasia: disease of children after crus muscle, tendon, tendon sheath and obviously increase the fascia of fibrous tissue and speculated that soft tissue contracture may be the primary lesions.

4, skeletal dysplasia: most scholars think that CCF primary pathological change in foot of tarsus, mainly in the talus, talus ossification ditch in developmental disorders, cartilage channel versus the ossification center number is more, lead to relatively small and deviation from the center of bone ossification. Deformation of the talus and smaller than normal, neck inward, plantar surface rotation, neck Angle decreases. The boat side of talus turning inward and plantar surface. From the subjective joint subluxation, away from the front of the bone block from the ankle acupuncture point, formation behind the ankle subtalar joint and tendon contracture fibrosis, which in turn produces horseshoe deformity.

5, fetal intrauterine growth retardation, and scholars believe that CCF is the result of the womb embryo development block, when some factors affect the growth of the foot, will keep the position of the foot to stop at some stage and to the fetus, may be the CCF etiology.

6, regional growth disorders: CCF could be a regional growth disorder, its clinical features are at side of the foot and leg was smaller than that of the heavier deformity, the more obvious, in the growth stage of the foot even deformity satisfied with correct, later still can be developed and recurrence. The internal organization after the disease foot and leg than anterolateral retardation.

7, genetic theory: epidemiological survey studies suggest that genes play an important role in the onset of CCF. Has been recognized, the occurrence of CCF is outcome of combined action of genetic factors and environmental factors.

with horseshoe varus foot, don’t panic, to tell you what to do.

in the early strephenopodia children correct shoes can wear to correct, followed by a cup of reinforcement is a good way to correct varus, prevent dislocation. Shoe body with insoles customize according to the child’s foot, effectively alleviate the ligament of foot force, promote the leg muscle recovery, to play a role.

and for strephenopodia complications and other types of foot disease, can have the effect of correction.