Correct shoes wear cycle and service life

Because the child has the characteristics of rapid growth, orthopedic shoes to change regularly. According to the laws of the development of children’s foot, after more than 10 months, the position of the arch, the length of the foot, the width of the foot will have obvious change, the original orthopedic shoes and insoles will not correct corrective action, even lead to the wrong pallet, restrict the full development and other negative effects. Within the orthopedic shoes can lead to excessive wear with the space is too large, cannot achieve good fixed effect, at the same time too much walking shoes will give the patient’s inconvenience, less than the best effect. In the western developed countries, every 3 – Has to be replaced a pair of 6 months, according to China’s specific situation, recommend every 6 – Changing a pair of 8 months. Using pure arch pad solve the disadvantage of foot deformity: due to sell on the market within the ordinary children’s shoes of no FO brace, its upper soft, changeful form, and in order to accommodate the orthopedic insoles, buy shoes will be lenient, plantar needs correction is hard to maintain the correct position. Even correct corrective plan, therefore, the correction effect to reach the designed optimal effect. Correct shoes custom-made center, affiliated to the ( Beijing) Science and technology co. , LTD. , trademark ROKAB as its registered trademark. Ankle orthopaedic centre, is wholly owned by Canada, an professional ankle orthopaedic institute affiliated to the Rokab group, focusing on the ankle orthopaedic field in recent 40 years; Beginning in 2008 foot diseases of orthopedic work in Beijing, for all kinds of foot disease patients to provide professional personalized orthopedic scheme.