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Corrective insoles have effect

by:Ideastep     2020-09-13

the importance of correct insoles

human foot structure is very complicated, by 28 bones, and on the combination of muscles, tendons and ligaments, and each one foot shape, ligament relaxation degree is different also, the custom of orthopedic insoles radian or soft hard to reach agreement with both feet, like to wear myopia glasses myopia patients, although myopia cannot be cured, but glasses to protect eyes. Corrective insoles for the degree of flat, a foot soft tissue thickness to the most close to the required support and orthodontic force, after wearing the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limb, walking can reduce joint strain rate, relieve muscle fatigue and pain.

corrective orthotic insole manufacturers design principle

in 3 - children 14 years of age, arch bone is in puberty, arch is the golden period of formation, if shoes inappropriate or too obesity and poor posture, muscle, ligament is a normal development of bones and the flat feet, eight, after foot inside and outside, X leg and foot disease, gait correction of bones of children shoes, corrective orthotic insole manufacturers from the body's biological mechanics principle, the arch science retainer, conducive to the normal development of muscle, ligaments, bones, and help children healthy growth.

have different amplitude of heel lock corrective orthotic insole manufacturers, for the degree of flat, a foot soft tissue thickness to the most close to the required support and orthodontic force, has followed by slope, arch retainer, followed by a socket spanner, such as design of insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs.

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