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Does custom made shoe soles have warranty period?
Yes, we set a warranty period for custom made shoe soles . The warranty time will be shown on the product page and in the instruction manual together with the product. During the warranty, Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. promises to repair or replace the product without charging any fees like maintenance fees to the customers. But the compensation behaviours are conducted on condition that the imperfections are caused by our poor workmanship and operational mistakes. Some evidence should be submitted to facilitate the handling of compensation.
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Ideastep Insoles owns several modern production lines to manufacture high quality insole orthotic. We will show you the work insole series that is most popular with customers. The whole manufacture process for Ideastep cycling shoe inserts is finished by our experienced pprofessionals by using the latest advanced equipment. The trimming lines can be printed on the toe of the product based on needs. walk fit insoles excels due to its obvious superiority such as walk fit orthotics. Its transverse arch-shaped design can help release the pressure in sports.
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Ideastep Insoles is committed to bringing the best to other producers orthotic inserts. Check it!

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