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Does your child need to see a podiatrist?


Behavioral change

Nothing scares the children more than going to the doctor, so if they feel something is wrong, chances are they will try to cover up. If your child is trying to stop you from seeing their feet, this may be a sign of a problem. If they suddenly change from a very active child to a child who is doing nothing all day, it is another danger sign. Pay attention to any changes in their behavior, if you are still unsure after checking yourself, make sure they don't need an injection to see a surgeon.

Lack of arches

All children are different, and their development speed is different, so there is no obvious foot arch on the foot and it is not always a cause for concern. Among children under two years of age, some children may have a distinct arched structure, while others do not, so there is no reason to worry. By the age of 6, most children's arches are easy to see, although it is not uncommon for children's feet to be flat. Pointing the child's toes in a straight line is the best way to assess whether the arch is formed. Although your child's feet may still form, if you don't have an obvious arch after 6 years of age, you may want to take them to a podiatrist.

Work hard to keep up

Although society is generally less active than it used to be, children are usually energetic and always busy. Unless your child has an existing condition such as asthma, they should be as much or as capable as their peers. If they are hard to keep up, it may be because of a lack of arch. Another possibility is that their legs or feet are overused, in which case you should make sure they get some rest. If this is a frequent or long-term problem, the podiatrist's examination can tell you if their ligament is inflamed or torn.


Although occasional tripping is normal for anyone, it is not uncommon to fall often. If your child often trips over, this may mean that his arch is lost, or that his internal rotation is problematic, that is, how well his heel and the ground are in position. If you look at your child standing straight, the center of their heel should be aligned with the center of the leg. If they appear to be walking on the inside or outside of the foot, this may mean that they have problems with the internal rotation, in which case they may need to be corrected.

The problem of the foot is hard to notice, especially as time goes on, many foot problems develop slowly. You can't expect your child to monitor these symptoms themselves, so if you notice any of the above signs, you should check it yourself and consider taking them to see a podiatrist. The problem of the foot rarely disappears on its own and usually worsens over time, so finding and solving these problems early is the best way to get your child back to normal as soon as possible.

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