Flat feet have four kinds of methods, away from the dangers of flat feet

flat feet, commonly known as flat foot disease is a common and usually painless. Flatfoot is inside of the foot arch of the foot flatten. The cause of flat feet mainly can be divided into three categories. One is the foot muscle abnormalities, such as abnormal muscle protection anterior portion. Secondly, the foot bone abnormalities, mainly with bone position such as bones, metatarsus, boat and abnormal shape flat feet. Third is genetic factors leading to the flat feet, and often multiple genes. So how to figure out whether their flat feet, the following four aspects to help you judge.

the first daub ink on foot, on a piece of paper and in comparison with the people or the people around of the same age, if his feet too, so may be flat feet, because the flat feet foot prints should be relatively flat, and normal person is different, and the gap is very obvious, can be directly observed with the naked eye.

the second allows patients to stand up, front and rear from the ankle to visual inspection, check again after foot and forefoot force of the whole line relationship, if the state of the patients in the load-bearing waste also present a full longitudinal arch form, then the patient is not flat feet, but if after the oppression by gravity, the foot has had the obvious change, then the patient appears the excessive sex flatfoot deformity.

the third after certain oppression on foot is usually the valgus status, if because the front feet outreach and excessive Numbers of fingers or toes, observation of patients at the time of stretching the knee from behind there will be a different situation, if can’t complete unilateral or symmetry varus activity, that also prompt patients exist tendon disease.

4 is on gravity oppression on back is a piece of, we can draw a parallel lines along the scaphoid distal joints, and then draw a central axis of talus, if the two lines intersect to form the Angle of 60 ~ 80 degrees so that the patient had no people with flat feet, if the Angle is less than 60 degrees, with this kind of disease.

the above is the judgment standard of flat feet, hope people can understand understand, here also recommend for flat feet to heal people, must go to normal hospital, such ability for their own good health care, in daily life, people can wear some comfortable shoes to prevent the occurrence of these diseases.