Flat feet in addition to using correct shoes what other method?

Flat feet caused a lot of people, not only affected the aesthetics, and caused a lot of pressure to life. A lot of friends will ask, flat feet treatment in addition to use the correct shoes? Flatfoot correction according to the different situation, correction methods are also different. Generally applicable method mainly has several under several, hope can help you!

1, stand straight body, two legs open, feet toe grip. Arches its back foot and pause. 2, the body straight, hands on the wall, continuous lift heel 10 – do 20 times, breathing evenly. 3, stand straight body, two feet based on outer, with the sole of the foot even to the outer landing, and pause. 4, the body straight, hands gently lifted a fixture, feet flat on the ground of round bar for 10 – 20 times. 5, sit down body, two feet, in turn, raised up do hook toes, stretched enough back 10 – to practice 20 times. 6, barefoot in the summer, the ball with their feet to walk, at ordinary times should wear heeled shoes. We can according to the above method to correct flat feet. In addition, more exercise, such as toe walking, flexor toes movement, 20 minutes every evening bubble foot, stand less, reducing the pressure of the foot of the weight and avoid strenuous exercise, protect their feet from external damage.