Flat feet what correction for shoes

after people with flat feet, not all the shoes are suitable for children to wear, because the flat feet foot type and normal type is not the same, so choose a suitable correction flat shoes, not only the child wearing comfortable, also can to a certain extent, have the effect of orthodontic flat feet. Flatfoot children what kind of shoes are comfortable to wear, how to choose suits own shoes? For children suffering from the flat feet is a very painful thing. Just walk a little more at ordinary times, have a strong sense of fatigue. On the market, we often hear flat feet friends can wear orthopedic shoes. Because this kind of shoes full advantage of the characteristics of the normal foot GongLi line, to avoid flat feet line deflection, greatly reduce the stress of arch. Or use arch mat inside the shoes at ordinary times, but some people will feel discomfort, need more attention and be careful at ordinary times. For children, if found that people with flat feet, need to the experts to ankle specialist hospital, select the most appropriate child flat feet in the shoes. Quantity foot set to make a pair of correct shoes or arch pad to alleviate the pain of flat feet. But is the flat feet should be aware of, especially female friends, do not wear high heels, with heels for flat feet friends is one of the very big damage, need our attention to the foot rest at ordinary times, do not too much weight to walk or stand for a long time.