Flatfoot corrective insoles professional custom, not casual wear

the study found that the probability of modern flat feet really is greater than the past a lot of, because the process of modernization, we walk is mostly flat, or has been put on coated good shoes to walk, little grass, mud, let the foot muscles decreases the chance of output contraction and arch muscle degeneration, and the cause of acquired flatfoot. Flat feet in addition to make feet walking up vulnerable, plantar fasciitis, and become more in the long term can lead to back pain, back pain, neck pain sequela!

what is a flat feet?

flat feet refers to the human body normal arch of the foot is missing, also known as the collapse of the arch. But flat representative is flat, not all flat feet need for treatment. Merger in patients with flat feet to see if there are symptoms such as pain, is called a flat, just need to be treated. So flat feet are common, and flat foot disease is not common. Just about flat feet below the condition to give you a detailed introduction:

1, causes: flat feet this condition can be congenital, also can be formed by the day after tomorrow. Children often arches at the age of 4 to 6 began to form, the majority of children and adolescents is congenital flat feet. Adult people flat phenomenon is likely to be the child the continuation of flat feet, can also be caused by other reasons, led to arch collapse. Symptoms of adult secondary flat feet are called adult acquired flatfoot symptoms. There are many causes of secondary arch collapse, such as joint degeneration, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and neurologic lesions, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, and so on.

2. Symptoms: symptoms of patients with flat feet mainly has the following kinds, one is the pain, the phenomenon of pain usually occurs in the inside of the foot, but in the long standing or walking between the patients with pain after exacerbate, often appear the phenomenon of progression. Pain will also occasionally near the outer edge of the ankle joint and external ankle. This is caused by arch collapsed after sufficient evaginate, fibula and calcaneal impact each other. 2 it is swollen, the pain of patients with flat feet can cause joint swelling, outside the navicular bone nodules of the swelling is more serious. Three is the gait abnormalities, patients with flat feet because of the pain and arch collapse will also cause the loss of running and walking ability, appear the phenomenon of abnormal gait, such as transition gait.

3, correction: flat feet without the pain of surgery, a correction can be done in long-term wear corrective insoles.

flat feet corrective insoles

arch is an important supporting structure of the foot, it raised up with certain radian, like the arch, this structure has the effect of buffer shock, support the body, but also can protect the orthotic insole manufacturers of the feet nerve blood vessels.

if have no arches, or arch becomes short, flat Jio plate, flat feet, that is, let’s say, plantar pressure distribution is not uniform, standing or walking for a long time may produce foot inside and outside the pain, can also cause foot outreach and toes valgus deformity; Motion is easy to damage, can appear serious pelvic askew, spinal scoliosis, knee pain, X leg and other issues.

according to the different mechanical characteristics of each person, choose different material and thickness at different position, make custom orthopaedic foot pad, can give right foot support, redistribution of plantar pressure, stable joints, relieve stress distribution caused by abnormal symptoms.

flat feet with a corrective insoles?

some people, although there is a slight flat feet, but a lifetime no symptoms, not uncomfortable, don’t need it. And long walk feet will be tired, uncomfortable, or a walk pain flat feet, should take the treatment as soon as possible.

corrective insoles must be tailored

after some parents know that children have flat feet, and to the Internet or to the shoe shop to give children buy a pair of ready-made corrective insoles, some kids feel symptoms after using the improved, but some do complain about the discomfort is more serious, this is how to return a responsibility? Xiu-lan han explanation, corrective orthotic insole manufacturers and myopia glasses, require strict inspection, tailored. Though, the original is flat feet, but every child arch of the foot is different, even the same child’s foot arch situation is likely to be difference is very big, Like a foot is flat feet, and the other one is normal) 。 As stated above, flatfoot children often accompanied by foot eight, knock knees, hips, length of legs, each child’s situation will differ in thousands ways, the doctor when fitting corrective insoles for children in the whole body bone development evaluation, evaluation time needs 30 – 60 minutes. Physical factors should be considered, such as children with short legs two insole thickness is different, so the correct insoles must be tailored, otherwise children arch anomaly is not correct, may even aggravate symptoms.

no symptoms, does not mean no risk.

there are a small number of children have flat feet, but showed no uncomfortable at ordinary times, so the parents will feel there is no need to let the child to correct. Solutions, some children body compensatory ability is better, or is not active, so the symptom is not obvious. No symptoms, does not mean that there is no problem. As children get older, when the body cannot be compensated, all sorts of discomfort will appear, they are adult problems such as the neck shoulder pain, low back pain of time is likely to be earlier than the general population.

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