Flatfoot corrective shoes | to teach you how to correct flat feet

to teach you how to correct the flat feet

some people say that a soldier regret for three years, not penitence lifetime as a soldier, xiao li to soldiers since the childhood dream, but the conscription examination was brushed

reason is flat feet

it’s trouble, flat feet is not correct for will, as a soldier that ideal is difficult to achieve.

flat feet, one had a great influence on foot.

1, can’t walk far, walk much pain, can’t because as a soldier training you dragging

2, susceptible to plantar fasciitis, everyone often foot pain after motion, mostly flat feet patients

3, flat feet patients prone to strain of lumbar muscles, lumbar back changes early


flat feet began at an early age, especially in the concrete life often appear.

1, the premature infants don’t walk, walking barefoot on the bed, more land is better, but pay attention to the foreign body hurt feet

2, exercise toes grip action

3, adults use insole plantar correction

4, severe flat feet need surgery.

for children with family history of flat feet, should begin from prevention, don’t wear shoes with flat, should be wearing shoes or in the middle of the shoe mat

avoid too long standing, walking, burden too much; Pay attention to the nutrition supplement, but to control weight.