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Have you ever made orthopedic shoes for children? Are orthopedic shoes effective?

by:Ideastep     2021-05-28

Hello, whether the orthopedic shoes are effective, the most important thing depends on whether the prescription of the orthopedic shoes is correct and whether it matches the child's disease type. As for the materials of orthopedic shoes, the texture is still the workmanship, which is actually secondary. This is like if you have diarrhea and prescribing cold medicine, even the best cold medicine is not symptomatically the same. Therefore, we must first clarify what the child’s problem is, and then let a professional orthopedic doctor judge and design the orthopedic shoe prescription, and personalize the scan according to the child’s condition and development characteristics, take the shape, and make the orthopedic shoes. The child tries on and makes adjustments and modifications to inappropriate places so that the best correction effect can be achieved.

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