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How many arch insoles are produced by Ideastep Insoles per year?
By serving the market with great annual output of arch insoles , we underpin our commitment to this market. We will continue to make the investment in increasing the capacity of our production facilities. We expect to be able to fulfill all production requirements during the year and to meet your orders within an acceptable delivery timeframe.

Thanks to the strong capacities of manufacturing basketball orthotics, Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. has been highly praised as a trustworthy manufacturer in the industry. walk fit insoles produced by Ideastep Insoles is very popular in the market. Quality-related problems of Ideastep the best insoles for work boots have been overseen during the manufacturing phase. These problems are sewing quality, color consistency, and fabric defects. It is made of anti-slip EVA board. This product has required safety. It has no sharp points, edges, or potential areas for unintended squeezing/entrapment of fingers and other human appendages. It has the advantage of no deformation.

We pursue environmental protection in our business. We have maintained a high level of environmental awareness and have found ways to improve environmentally friendly production. Get an offer!
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