How to choose a different children correct shoes

Children under the age of 14, because the foot bone is not fully mature, easy to appear the phenomenon such as flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, this is normal phenomenon of foot in children’s growth. But when children foot muscle stiffness, excessive or may be formed after serious flat feet, foot evaginate, high arches of the foot, will affect children’s gait and daily life activities. More primary and middle school students in our country health monitoring inspection found that seven eighty percent primary and middle school students have problems with arch anomalies, in these bow abnormalities of primary and middle school students, and some are more severe for childhood, such as suffering from serious flat feet, high arches foot problems, such as daily performance is often call foot tired feet uncomfortable pain, is not willing to do more exercise, walking to sprain, etc. After a lot of attentive parents found the child arch anomaly will give children to buy below the doctor’s advice corrective insoles, but there are a lot of parents don’t know what kind of good children correct insoles? Each child’s arch are different, and the same child’s foot arch situation is likely to have very big difference, one child with flat feet in the arch of the foot abnormalities is most common, and flat feet children, often accompanied by sufficient evaginate, foot eight, knock knees, hips, scoliosis, each child’s situation will differ in thousands ways. When fitting corrective insoles, foot division correction to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development information such as height and weight. Correct shoes custom-made center adopts the international first-class testing equipment, technology and production line, the earlier to the foot of the 3 d scan and foot pressure analysis, gait analysis, 3 d printing last, 3 d printing insoles, shoes design personalized correction software, and a series of world advanced foot orthodontic treatment technology is introduced into China, the product production equipment and technology and the first-class level of synchronization, North America and Europe for nearly a decade has become a domestic foot correction field vane, for the majority of patients to provide the world-class products and services.