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How to go through the foam suppliers customization?
Let Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. understand your requirements. With our expertise, we'll take you through the full procedure from price evaluation to layout, tools and production. Pick from a selection of aspects to make the perfect foam suppliers according to your needs. We've got years of expertise in producing quality product layouts to help distinguish your brand.

With years of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing of polyurethane insoles, Ideastep Insoles has taken its place among manufacturers in the industry. walking insoles produced by Ideastep Insoles is very popular in the market. This product has a long service life. It has passed the ageing tests which verify its resistance to the effects of light or heat. It's shaped to fit the natural contours of the foot structure by the biomechanics design. The popularity of this product is rising day by day in the global market, showing a great application potential. It has received wide popularity in the market(s) of the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Australia, etc.

We will continue to serve our customers with a high degree of professionalism, maintaining and controlling all stages of the manufacturing process in accordance with China's cost and capability advantages while maintaining high-quality standards. Call!
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