How to judge the baby flat feet?

your baby’s feet pink is tender, fat, very cute, but many careful mom and dad will find little feet look is flat, is it flat feet?

expert introduction: whether can be seen in about 3 years old baby flat feet, this time parents friends need to pay attention to the baby’s little feet.

flat feet, just as its name implies, is the sole of the foot even than ordinary flat and flat. Normal baby’s feet swell up, in the middle of the medial and formed the longitudinal, horizontal two bows.

no baby arches, exercise capacity and labor in the future will also be affected. As the growth of the baby’s age, often feet when standing and walking easily fatigue, calf easily acid bilges, serious when the knee joint and waist have discomfort. Therefore, in addition to focus on baby physical and intellectual development of the whole situation, arches are small, also should pay attention to.

some flat feet are innate, it can be observed after the baby began to walk.

in general, infants and young children the foot fat plump, mostly flat feet, this is normal phenomenon, mom and dad don’t worry about it.

but the baby at the age of 3 already can see the obvious arch of the foot, if foot motherboard was flat, then it is likely to be flat feet. Suggest that mom and dad to observe for a period of time, if the baby after 3 years old, still often walking instability, easy movement after foot soft, fatigue, or don’t like walking, recommend take baby to the hospital as soon as possible.