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How to judge whether children have flat feet

by:Ideastep     2020-12-08

baby with flat feet, of course, is a very unfortunate thing happened in our whole family, because the child with flat feet, often also can affect the growth and development of in the future, can cause our kids especially severe ankle deformity. So many parents are not at ordinary times timely found the child's symptoms, how to judge whether the baby to have flat feet? Many parents are worried, let's look at below, to share my experience.

determine correct shoes method

1, to determine whether the baby's feet with flat feet, we must observe the shape of a child's foot, master is a sink or eversion, and it is important to note that when the baby while standing there will be some exceptions, to determine whether to have flat feet.

2, now a lot of children have flat feet, also with the parents of the usual prematurely let children learning to walk, there is a certain relationship, because our children are small in the development of arch forming, so sometimes, too much to let children early in learning to walk can cause irreversible damage.

3, flat feet early detection is very important, because we can better to check some of the early symptoms and treatment, after clear pathogeny we prevent joint of irreversible lesions that may occur. To better help us improve the symptom of the flat feet. Need


flat-footed if not get good treatment, the disease can also cause we often painful, or is there some illegal exception, is also easy to cause serious flatfoot deformity.

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