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How to let the baby has a beautiful shape legs, refused to trials

by:Ideastep     2020-09-14

the baby to walk within eight? If walk walk into the horoscope, will be very ugly, when baby is small, the posture of the paid special attention to the baby, to prevent the baby go inside eight habits, if found to timely correcting, so how to correct?

popular speaking, horoscope is walking foot tiptoe itself, in his right foot tiptoe slant to the left, the left foot tiptoe to the right. For obvious within eight, we can tell by the naked eye.

a, treatments of the eight practice, within 1 ~ 2 times every day:

knee movement: the first section pressure is to sit, on two feet, two hands on knees down gently. Pay attention to the orthotic insole manufacturers of your feet don't separate, knee pressure to can't, stop time consumption.

in the second quarter tied leg exercises: sitting position, two legs and approach is raised, in cloth belt tied up ankle, about two feet hard to earn.

2, the foot problems in addition to congenital factors, acquired factors play an important role, and can be prevented, rectify splayfoot, in addition to using the correct posture to sit, stand, walk, outside running, can adopt the following methods:

1. Leg press movement

2. Usually USES the straight leg press and side leg press

3. Kicking motion

4. O leg outside crus play

5. X leg by crus inside play

6. Clip leg movement

7. Feet, ankles, knees close clamping at the same time, adhere to a few minutes to relax. Then repeat walk at ordinary times, pay attention to posture, eight words go

8. Night before bed, massage legs muscles

in addition, children before the age of twelve, the foot bones form has been in development, such as improper shoes, obesity or poor posture can affect the growth of the lower extremity muscle tendon bone, eventually led to the flat feet, eight words, X leg ( Knock knees) Such as the foot diseases. If a child has been formed in trials, serious orthoses may be used for auxiliary correction, mild people practice gait corrected as soon as possible.

during childhood, once found splayfoot, attention should be paid in a timely manner to correct, especially if the parents of a party itself is splayfoot, please pay close attention to the children walk, found that the problem timely correction.

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