How to reduce the occurrence of flat feet?

Flatfoot is a common disease of the feet, usually in childhood can see out, and one hundred people there are seven people will suffer from this disease, flat feet is not a good symptom, it is formed in the childhood, then cannot be cured, so form good habits when young, it is necessary to reduce the occurrence of flat feet. Flat feet for hazard can be said to be the life of the child, because the flat feet itself can cause muscle aches, cannot leave the road too long, and not conducive to the development of the knee. In the life, want to start small, let the child through the various aspects to reduce the incidence of the disease. 1. Every night can use warm water to soak the foot, especially in the winter, the weather is cold, the feet need more activities, let the child’s foot to accelerate blood circulation, beneficial to the growth of foot bones, also can prevent various diseases. 2. Must do more exercise, the incidence of early flat feet is because of the lack of exercise, mainly is the lack of exercise, children often play now, or take part in some sports activities, is to prevent the large area, but parents are always concerned about their children’s activities, participate in activities of some of the children enjoy, help children healthy growth. In addition to pay attention to child’s walk. Do not form a deformed leg. 3. Choice for children’s shoes, it is best to choose some permeability good, many of the children after the movement, feet will sweat, if not timely dredging, would have stayed at the feet, affect their health, especially in the foot is not fully developed before. Experts believe that children’s shoes options for children with flat feet has very big effect, parents must give children choose comfortable shoes. If the child’s feet no obvious phenomenon of concave and convex, at different times can choose some shoes with bow pad, assist the growth of the child’s footsteps, alleviate fatigue brought on by a walk. ( Rokab) Refining technology team, has a group of medicine, orthopedic, biomedical engineering background, bachelor, master, doctor, postdoctoral personnel. Focus on scientific research in the field of research and the university of Toronto, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, capital medical university, clinical hospitals at all levels have a wide range of scientific research cooperation, in the ankle biomechanics and clinical treatment, children’s foot disease, diabetic foot, intelligent orthopaedic footwear, and other fields have in-depth research, to participate in a number of state-level scientific research projects, and international SCI articles published nearly ten. Research and development equipment and products of the highest won the second prize in the international, and has a number of invention patents, clinical orthopaedic centre to undertake a number of colleges and universities undergraduate, master’s and doctoral research topic, strive to be the feet for basic research and clinical research field keep synchronous with the developed countries.


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