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Is there free shoe insole manufacturers sample provided?
Customers may feel uncertain about the quality before placing an order for shoe insole manufacturers . At Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd., we provide free samples to customers for verifying the quality and find out whether the product is suitable to be applied. The samples have the same parameters and specifications of the ordinary product. But customers should know that we only provide them for free in the condition that they will place a large order for the product. For more information about the sample, please see our website.

With years of experience in the industry, Ideastep Insoles has been one of the major market participants for providing high-quality walk fit insoles. comfort insoles produced by Ideastep Insoles is very popular in the market. Necessary on-site tests for Ideastep thermal insoles have been conducted. These tests are crocking testing, seam strength testing, and stitches testing. It has the advantage of no deformation. This product plays an important role in the development of Ideastep in the industry. The anti-sweat foam on the top of the product is easy to be cleaned.

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