Length of the legs have what harm? What are the effects

In our daily life, some people will unconsciously appears the phenomenon of the length of the leg, the causes of leg length has a lot of kinds, general congenital natural bone singularity, or a traffic accident, often cross your legs, bad posture, cause the skew pelvis. When functional happen first close the length of the leg muscles will change as the body, also with a pelvic tilt there will be some waist ache, arch collapse, scoliosis condition occurs. Harm

a: bearing in gait, or any activity, feet, legs, hips and back all the muscles help together to provide balanced movement, leg length of persistent will influence the hip and back in the activity’s ability to maintain a balance, leading to loss of calibration and functionality. Usually, affect the pelvis first, then the lumbar spine, and then affect thoracic vertebra, finally to the whole spine, step by step, the whole person becomes asymmetric, and spine related diseases. In the clinical treatment, found that about sixty percent of the refractory neck, waist and leg length, when the plantar pressure test for patients, found that these patients with double foot structure of high and low. People’s feet as the foundation of the house, the foundation, house structure distortion, is not the same as the feet high, people easy to go wrong. Harm 2: in addition to the neck, lumbar disease, length of the legs are closely connected and scoliosis. The scoliosis has many factors, such as idiopathic scoliosis, neurogenic scoliosis and spinal joint degeneration, but clinically for a foot pressure testing in patients with scoliosis, found a lot of the structure of the double foot high and low, that is caused by length of the legs. A new study in the Netherlands also confirmed that, for 300 scoliosis children after the leg length of treatment for a period of time, their scoliosis has been effectively alleviated. Every two leg length is not exactly the same, but the vast majority of people are very small, do not affect beautiful also no discomfort and daily life, is negligible. But some people two legs are more than 4 mm, or even a few centimeters, it becomes a length of the legs & ndash; — First walk poor balance, limping, gradually asymmetry of pelvis, then a scoliosis, neck, waist and leg pain and other spinal related diseases. Don’t look down upon length of the legs, it is not just affect the gait is beautiful so simple, clinical observation, 100 people, about 70 have two legs are 4 mm or so, and a lot of refractory in the neck, waist, length of about six adults have legs.