Never leave home, customize a pair of appropriate and accurate correction shoes need how to operate?

in the clinical work, often meet parents asked a question: is your office in Beijing, it is very far from our home, high-speed rail or the train isn’t very convenient for children to come over, if next time in correct shoes, we are not to come over, is there any way to order? Or is it more a yard can directly do?

according to this problem, we present a unified the answer, is there a way to do, can use our remote operation mode, we have a complete remote operation process, through the appropriate steps, its precision can be done and the field data collection. However, we do not recommend in the previous code number on the yard directly.

in recent years, we after many attempts to, we usually use the FootPrint ( Footprints box) Carry out remote modulus, plant and equipment, by parent with the child’s footprints complete trample in the can.

cooperate with the international standard of foot data measuring scale, to the foot of the related data to make the second confirmation, convenient in our Footprint ( Footprints box) Model data scan read and design innovation.

figure 1: after the acquisition footprints model data

graph 2: the foot related data of secondary confirm

after the above steps, we will give you a preliminary complete the collection of patient data, this part contains the walking and the static and dynamic video express joint Angle, and the full foot data initial model.

next, combined with our clinical patent data templates and orthopaedic division deep experience foot data do computer analysis of the original design and product processing.

based on each of the patients with different conditions for data analysis and processing, based on the framework of orthopedic shoe original dynamic adjusting and Angle design ( Such as strephenopodia and sufficient evaginate of patients while it is possible to use with the correct shoes, but its sole Angle design and insole support logic is completely different) , we ensure that each pair of correct shoes in every phases can reach the best corrective effect, whether to do the prevention of disease, or to have a foot or leg to rectify the problem.