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Orthopedic shoe inserts

1.Pre-Fabricated orthopedic shoe inserts are significant upgrade than the removable inner sole come with shoe. Shoe insoles for flat feet help to incease performance and stability, prevent foot pain and maintain body alignment to provide the max. foot comfort and prevent injuries.

2.Custom sport Orthotic: By heat moldable or provide three different height profile,Custom Sport Orthotics adjust archtechure supporting easily to suit the individual needs.

3.Kid Orthotics provide standard construction in feet growing stages, maintain perfect feet construction in growing up.

4.Heatmoldable Orthotic:Custom Modified by Heat gun or Oven or even by Hair dryer to be reshaped to fit your feet supporting exactly.

5.Our Custom made CAD/CAM Foot Orthotics give podiatrist and pedorthist valuable and economical choices in their clinical working.

6.Orthotics & Accessories:the rigid ; semi-rigid & flexible Shell made out of Polyproplene(PP) or Polycarbonate(PC) or Thermoplastic Urethane(TPU) composites ; Metatarsal Pads ; Scaphoid Pads and Wedges for Pedorthist ; prosthetist & Orthotist better choice in their practice field.

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