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Plantar fasciitis?

by:Ideastep     2020-09-02

believe that a lot of foot problems, have heard of, the question of plantar fasciitis. As a kind of plantar fascia inflammation caused by foot problems, thenar muscle membrane inflammation affects millions of patients. Today, small make up take you to learn together, plantar fasciitis who have to say small tips.

have any intervention methods plantar fasciitis.

usually, generally USES the principle of PRICE in the acute phase of plantar fasciitis for disposal. The so-called principle of 'PRICE', namely, Protect the injured area) 、( Have a rest) 、( Ice compress) 、( Compression bandage) 、( Raise the body) 。 In terms of pain relief plantar fasciitis has been confirmed that has a better effect.

in addition to the above methods of intervention, treatment of plantar fasciitis can also consider to choose professional orthopedic insoles to intervene. Through professional and perfect data analysis, according to the patient's foot, choosing the appropriate custom orthopedic insoles, so as to reduce the stimulation of the affected area, relieve pain, which can provide a good environment for plantar fascia repair.

in addition, the necessary rehabilitation training, and can also help restore plantar fascia and muscle tissue, can also help to prevent a recurrence of plantar fasciitis.

1。 Plantar fasciitis rehabilitation training, release the plantar fascia and muscle

before and after rolling tennis, action is slow, the thenar muscles fully stretch, release the plantar fascia. 3 - in each group Repeat 2 to 5 minutes, Three groups.

2。 Stretching plantar fascia and muscle, stretching a foot

to sitting, both hands hold the toes after pull back to the plantar fascia completely stretch, maintain this pose about 15 For 30 seconds, then relax for a few seconds. Repeat 5 times for a group of, a day to three groups.

3。 Stretching gastrocnemius

stand facing the wall, his arms lifted wall, the back leg unbend, front leg knee bends, body slightly forward. Keep back pull, 20 - 30 seconds as a group, each group 3 times, 1 - every day 5 groups.

4。 Stretch the soleus

stand facing the wall, his arms lifted wall. People slightly forward, bend the knees to squat down, pay attention to the heel off the ground. Keep back pull, 20 - 30 seconds as a group, each group 3 times, 1 - every day 5 groups.

5。 Strengthen muscle force, strengthen the plantar flexors

put towels on the ground, feet flat on the towel, pay attention to the heel off the ground. Grab with your toes, put down the towel. Each group of 10 - 20 times, 3 groups every day.

6。 Strengthen the leg triceps

after standing in a chair with back of a chair, both hands hold the back of the chair. Two legs straight, feet slowly lifted off the ground, and then slow down, repeat this action ten times as a group, 2 groups every day. No discomfort after such as training, can be appropriately increase the number of sets of training every day.

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