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Precautions when nursing orthosis


Customized orthoses are tailored to meet the individual foot structure and needs of your patients, but they only prevent pain and improve performance, under the right conditions.

As you recommend orthopedics in your practice, convey the importance of maintaining the shape of this basic support system to ensure the best results.

By taking some simple precautions, you can get the most mileage from your foot braces. Follow the 10 precautions below to maximize your useful life. The materials of the aligners vary, so carry any specific care instructions with you.

1. Always remove the braces on your shoes every night so that the shoes can be dried. This is especially necessary if you sweat too much.

2. The aligner becomes water. If they get wet, take them off the shoes, let them dry completely, and then put them back.

3. Do not place the aligner in the washing machine or dishwasher.

4. If your braces are dirty, be sure to clean them with a clean, damp cloth. Avoid rubbing with chemical solvents or other cleaning agents.

5. Do not put the aligner in the dryer.

6. Be sure to keep the braces away from pets. If chewed, they may be destroyed.

7. If your physical condition changes significantly, such as weight gain or loss, injury or pregnancy, be sure to reassess your foot orthopedics.

8. Always wear an aligner when buying new shoes. Make sure they are placed comfortably inside. Don't stuff them into your shoes. You may need a bigger shoe size to accommodate your corrections.

9. Buy different shapes of aligners to suit different types of shoes, such as sneakers and flip flops. This will optimize their performance and keep it in the right shape.

10. Do not expose the orthosis to extreme temperatures. Keeping them exposed to high temperatures or sunlight for a long time will cause them to lose shape. If they are exposed to the cold, they may crack.

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