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Protection of flat feet

by:Ideastep     2021-05-26

Flat foot protection: Wear orthopedic shoes with a hard heel cup and a targeted orthopedic insole to keep the heel in a vertical position while supporting the arch of the foot, reducing flat feet and preventing complications. School children should also do more appropriate bounce exercises such as toe exercises, rope skipping and other elastic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the calves and orthotic insole manufacturers. The splayed feet usually have their toes facing forward when walking and running. However, some people walk and run but show internal and external splayed feet. Inner and outer stilt feet refer to the toes pointing inwards or outwards when walking and running. It can be divided into mild, moderate and severe internal and external horoscope feet. The angle formed between the inner and outer edges of the forefoot and the longitudinal axis is not more than 5 degrees, which is mild, 5 degrees or more is moderate, and 10 degrees or more is severe. The reasons for internal and external splayed feet are: 1. Inborn genetic factors . 2. Insufficient strength of the legs and ankle joints. In sprints, this phenomenon is particularly obvious. In order to run fast, some students push back hard, turning their feet involuntarily inward or outward.

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