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Running the knee should be how to deal with and prevent?

by:Ideastep     2020-09-19

according to the statistics, no pain of runner of just 15. 7%, while the runner is 36 by knee injuries. 8%, the highest among sports injury caused by running the disease. In fact, in the long-time running enthusiasts, many knee is a little damage, but the degree is different.

so, if the 'running' has been looking for you, how to deal with? How should prevent?

1。 Pain is obvious, can use towels soaked in ice water or professional ice compress fomentation physiotherapy bags, apply is in pain, 2 ~ 3 times a day, each time 5 ~ 15 minutes. By reducing the local temperature, reduce the local bad blood, to reduce metabolism, hemostatic effect of detumescence. It is important to note that other parts of the sprain occurs, also suggested that in the first place to stop movement, ice compress processing within 48 hours.

2。 With foot toe against a wall, and on the ground. And keep straight leg leaned forward slightly, as far as possible. Maintain the pose 5 seconds later, relax reduction, and in one leg stretch. Each group of 10 to 15 times.

3。 The ball in the middle of the thighs and legs, his right foot as far as possible to the hips, relax the knee joint. Stay for a few seconds later, in the other leg.

4。 The left leg thighs parallel to the ground, left hand holding his left knee. Right knee kneel in folding good yoga mat, holding his right foot, with the right hand pull his thigh quadriceps ( The front of the thigh) Group. Keep a few seconds later, restore to relax. In the other side to pull.

5。 Place yoga roller on left side, and will focus on legs, slowly rolling up yoga roller. Repetitive actions for about 5 minutes later, in the other leg.

6。 Slowly pull up hamstring (with elastic cord Thighs) Group. Keep the posture for a few seconds later, restore to relax. And in the other leg. Such as muscle group after the feeling is too nervous, knee bends can be appropriately.

there is how to strengthen the prevention, let 'running' to stay away from you? Have the following several ways can help reduce the risk of 'running' :

1. Choose a relatively soft ground:

in order to avoid impact to the knee joint is too large. However, don't in the sand or a similar movement, impact, though reduced, but will greatly increase the risk of a sprained ankle.

2。 15 ~ 20 minutes warm-up:

including ligament stretching, muscle stretching and so on, can help grow deep muscle blood circulation, strengthen the joint flexibility, reduce the risk of knee injuries. Running, jogging speed run again, make whole body muscle joints coordination.

3。 Relax your muscles after exercise:

the self pull training, help relax the muscle.

4。 A variety of movement forms:

recommend not using a single running way day after day fitness, can with swimming, cycling, etc.

to see so much, if can not help but sigh: running is also a technical business? Injury prevention work is imminent? Before running, and don't forget to learn more knowledge, according to the personal physique, customize the most suitable training plan, beware of running injuries.

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