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Senile knee pain?

by:Ideastep     2020-09-20

the knee, knee joint, is the body's largest and most complex joints, the femur, tibia and fibula, the patella and associated ligaments, cartilage, muscle, etc, these parts damage caused by any factors, such as disease, chronic injuries, trauma, etc. , can lead to knee injuries, pain. Knee pain, affect daily life, light cause slight discomfort, heavy will cause joint activity obstacle, disability, such as serious consequences, the life cannot provide for oneself, cause the life quality decreased obviously, bring a series of complications. So, in the face of the knee joint pathological changes, especially the middle-aged and old knee lesions, we should actively face, correct processing, prevent the resulting unnecessary damage.

so, for now, cause there are many factors that can senile knee pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc. , but the most important factor is the chronic degenerative diseases, namely osteoarthritis. With the emergence of China's ageing population, the incidence of osteoarthritis knee joint osteoarthritis especially increased year by year, more than 50 50% incidence of population groups, population groups over 55 disease up to 80%. Therefore, for the elderly, the most main is to do a good job of prevention: first of all to control weight, weight gain after each joint activities step will increase the wear and tear, weight obesity incidence of degenerative arthritis in the elderly is higher; Second to avoid sharp, long campaign, the stairs up stair handrail, sitting up standing armrest with my hands to reduce the stress of cartilage, severe illness shall help walking sticks; The third to avoid catching a cold joints to be affected with damp be affected with damp, synovial inflammation easily after catch cold catch cold, make the pain worse, so the elderly in autumn and winter, spring, should pay attention to keep warm, the summer to avoid air conditioning blows straight; Patients should pay attention to actively cooperate with the movement of everyday life and protection, enhance the muscle strength, maintain joint stability and activity, to avoid illness, especially under the guidance of a doctor for the correct treatment, choose suitable treatment, the condition can be significantly alleviate.

so, the treatment of senile knee pain, first should actively prevent and avoid unnecessary damage, the main or want to do a good job of prevention, enhance their physique, prevention; Second to clear diagnosis, because there are many factors which can cause knee joint disease, first to find the cause that causes pain, actively treating the primary disease, for instance, the surgical treatment of surgical treatment in time, have close to active treatment class wind, wind only causes clear, can be targeted, find a better treatment method; Moreover should according to the extent of the knee joint disease, carried out under the guidance of a doctor, the correct treatment, avoid illness. We can't superstitious some folk prescription, secret recipe, do not want a pack of powder or a stick ointment can be easily done, because the knee joint disease itself is more complex, a day to bear the pressure of their body weight, is also one of the symptoms of headache for doctors to compare, all, in the face of middle-aged and old knee lesions, we need patience, need more confidence, to deal with and face it, do a day monk bump a day clock, muddle along.

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