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Serious flat feet how much influence on children's physical and mental health growth

by:Ideastep     2020-08-26

pay most attention to the child's parents friends and live line. But sometimes some detail problems tend to be ignored. For example, the foot is the foot health problems.

first to tell you a story happened in my side. In may last year, my uncle's child is about to take an examination, want to take part in physical examination, in order to pass, when the exam test in the school physical education, but not every time by running especially. How to do? Test the physical examination of the full marks 40 points, this to a child can be a focus on high school is crucial. So children endure a foot pain, and in the community on their own hard work, but no matter how efforts still not up to standard. My uncle was very confused, through someone else's child can, why not your child. With this doubt, he brought the children to the hospital the ankle surgery, the doctor after a detailed examination, told his children have more serious flat feet, so the movement is very hard, and long time running department of foot pain or more easily fatigue, over time the child doesn't like sports, activity ability drops, children will appear such circumstance, athletic performance decline. My uncle was an Epiphany. The doctor suggested that custom orthopedic custom orthopedic insoles ease the pain of children, have of arch support, children are more willing to run, natural running result will be better!

by this happened in the side of the story, we want to know the foot problem is vital for children's performance, also has certain influence to the child's psychological, some child because run, jump is not high, can let other friends or classmates laughed at. Great influence on psychological.

again called on your parents to pay attention to children's health should start from the foot, achievements dream, arch will lead, custom orthopedic custom orthopedic insoles preferred.

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