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Sports medicine perspective, whether flat feet need to wear corrective shoes

by:Ideastep     2020-09-01

flat feet of people can't run a marathon? People should wear shoes with correct flat feet? Surgery can effect a radical cure more than correct shoes flat feet? Believe that you've heard the expression, they are all right? First let's look flat feet and flat feet influence on life, look after, you will know when I should wear the correct shoes.

in some mother gathered groups, often asked the child looks flat feet, I have to take children to see a doctor, or take her to a pair of correct shoes? This problem is so common, common in children with flat feet. Arch can be divided into three types: flat feet, normal arches and high arches. The lack of normal arches or flat feet failures is that we often say. Flatfoot increases with age, most children and adolescents and perfect gradually. Infants and young children period is arches are covered in fat, after 4 - Only 6 years old, gradually to the elementary school higher grades when forming, some of whom may continue into adult. For these physiological flat feet, we can observe in the elementary school higher grades, arrived in the elementary school higher grades have improved, we don't need to use correct shoes intervention.

but if discover the child on the movement, poor posture or not, and general children as long as sports, start to always shout pain, orthopaedic surgeons will take children to go to the professional or professional agencies to measure.

for severe flatfoot children, orthopedic insole or corrective shoes is a better means of intervention. But in order to realize the real corrective and intervention, will take children to measure to the qualified institutions custom, correction is one of the shoes and custom insoles center, must not optional purchase and wear.

wear corrective shoes is also a scientific method can follow. Correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles center division correction is considered, when wear should follow the principle of from less to more. To give the child in short time, in the process of gradually familiar with the habit to add shoes, gradually transition to wear all day. This is for serious flat feet or pathological flat feet best way of wearing. At the same time, the appropriate massage and stretching, muscles can help children better restore elasticity, play the twice the result with half the effort.

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