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The cause of fetal foot varus

by:Ideastep     2020-12-04
Fetal growth and development is the most concerned about one of the things the pregnant women and fetus if there is a problem, pregnant women they would be very worried about, don't know should how to deal with, so we suggest that the majority of pregnant women friends in daily life to take to protect their fetus, if the fetus have some abnormal situation to visits to the hospital in time, below correct shoes order center to introduce small make up to you!

clinical data research has shown that genetic factors, genetic factors in the onset of strephenopodia play a crucial role in the process, genetic methods are not clear, susceptibility genes has not yet been set. Risk more than 30% parents suffer from their children, congenital deformity of patients strephenopodia risk increased to 30 times their compatriots. Close relatives of the onset of a significantly higher risk, which showed that the prevalence of at least partly influenced by genetic factors. Exogenous teratogenic factors besides genetic, external role is crucial. If pregnancy and early pregnancy by adverse environmental impacts, such as the hormone drugs, environmental pollution, can lead to abnormal embryo splitting. Modern people are exposed to environmental pollution inevitably, in known environmental hormone pollution, pesticide, resin, plasticizer, detergent, dioxins and heavy metals compound and so on more than 70, they enter the body through diet, air inhalation and skin contact. At present, has found that poor fetal growth and development, reproductive caused by environmental pollution related disease is on the rise. There is another important exogenous factor is the mother of smoking during pregnancy, there are many reports confirmed that smoking during pregnancy and pigeon-toed correlation. Intrauterine growth retardation is considered strephenopodia deformity, due to palace oppression and oligohydramnios fetal foot be squeezed in a pigeon-toed caused by fixed position. Other some other factors, such as nerve muscle dysplasia, vascular dysplasia and skeletal dysplasia, cause fetal strephenopodia have reported, but these factors is the cause or effect is not yet clear.

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