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The formation and harm of high arches

by:Ideastep     2020-08-26

when the body when walking or running, arch moderate tension, tension and torsion, and absorb the ground reaction force, so as to adapt to a variety of terrain, to achieve the effect of shock absorption. Human there are three sets of arch foot: namely the longitudinal arch, outside longitudinal arch and transverse arch, the three sets of arch, and within the longitudinal arch is the most important. In the longitudinal arch is formed by five bones, by the first sequence for the heel bone, astragalus, navicular bone, the first sphenoid bone, the first metatarsals. The navicular bone is the most important in the longitudinal arch bone, its status as the longitudinal arch roof. High arches refers to the inner arch while standing on the high side of the foot shape, larger footprints presents the inside space even break, thenar muscle and fascia is relatively rigid.

high arches is how form? 1. Genetic factors: many medical research report points out, have high arches of the children, their parents or siblings may also have high arches. 2. Improper shoes: children long-term wear too small, too close and too narrow shoes, the foot bone is not stretch properly and lead to improper heel when walking out, affect the foot bone development correctly. The damage caused by the high arches: high arches often have abnormal outward turning action, foot apparent lack of stability, the plantar pressure distribution concentrated in the heel and forefoot, and have long cocoon phenomenon. In his walk, stand up and running with the tendons short pull not feel within the average longitudinal arch fascia pain, also have less difficulty ankle sprain. High arches and tend to accompany the phenomenon such as neck and shoulder pain, humpback, and even cause functional length of foot, spine scoliosis, plantar fasciitis, and other issues. Parents should pay attention to the children mostly asymptomatic high arches, so parents are easy to be ignored. So everyday to pay more attention to the kid's gait, see if any & lt; The eight & gt; Phenomenon or easy sprain. By foot recruit professional configuration appropriate corrective custom orthopedic insoles, alleviate foot problems.

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