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The role of orthotics

by:Ideastep     2021-05-26

Avoid wearing pointed-toe high-heeled shoes. When walking, you can wear professional orthopedic shoes with arch support and orthopedic orthotic insole manufacturers. When sleeping, it can be used with hallux valgus correction, and the hallux extension belt can also be used to relax the lateral hallux ligament. , The purpose of orthopedic shoes, arch support pads and hallux extension bands is to prevent aggravation of the disease and prevent complications, relieve the tension of the lateral hallux ligaments to help relieve the pain of pulling the lateral hallux, and maintain the hallux valgus as much as possible Conservative treatment for more than half a year. When conservative treatment is not ideal, surgery can be used. Because surgery can cause damage to the feet, try to avoid surgery.

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