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Those thing ~ of plantar fasciitis

by:Ideastep     2020-09-14

plantar fasciitis is more than one foot disease, in addition to heel pain, another 10% of the patients feel arch or forefoot pain. Plantar fasciitis often occur in the morning just wake up, the under foot on the ground will suddenly think heel pain and trouble walking; Walk a few minutes later, the pain will reduce gradually, but once the long walk, the pain and increase.

common cause for excessive use of plantar fasciitis.

1。 Being overweight

2. Stand for long

3. Too much walking

4. Jogging.

5。 Structure have led to abnormal tension of plantar fascia factors, such as flat feet, high arches, heel tendon are too short, etc. Choose high-heeled shoes, the heel should not be more than 3 cm, don't wear more than 3 hours, timely take off make feet stretched ease. ( Choose high-heeled shoes, must fit comfortable oh, good quality is very important) Weight control, avoid overweight, foot burden heavier. Put on a pair of comfortable flat shoes to replace in the office. After work can use hot water soak the foot, promote the blood circulation, stretching the hamstring. Sit down between light hit the ball with their feet, rolling gently with the orthotic insole manufacturers of the feet, massage to stimulate the horn bow.

in addition, it is recommended that each day to do some stretching or massage movement, develop good exercise habits, run and jump in before must stretch behind the heel of Achilles tendon, gradually increase activity levels. For runners, if we can combine running and other sports, to prevent the happening of the plantar fasciitis has certain help.

want to solve the annoying plantar fasciitis, must begin from daily life, and even control the foot inflammation, reduce pain, prevention is more important than treatment forever; Therefore, need to pay attention to the maintenance of the foot at ordinary times, pay attention to the choose and buy shoes, avoid standing for a relatively long time, such as excessive movement, foot a little uncomfortable, early treatment and so on.

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