To prevent the baby O leg remember these methods

Baby, especially some O leg as toddlers phenomenon, this is because the baby in the mother’s stomach was curled up, so the foot department has the phenomenon of stretch not straight, but with the growing, these phenomena will be gradually improved. While some O leg due to the factors of forming the day after tomorrow. Such as premature toddlers and stand, premature wear leather shoes and calcium in the body. How to prevent the baby O leg? There is the following five methods:

1, a hard wearing sole, and followed by a fixed design of shoes. Parents one-sided pursuit of sole soft, will lead to can not effectively support arches, damage the normal development of arch. Therefore, choose the shoes have a certain hardness, both comfort at the same time also can assist the formation of the arch. A fixed design of shoes, such as hard heel cup, can help children to form correct walk. , at the same time, keep walking creatures vertical force line and ground. 2, not through the big shoes. The baby in order to adapt to the size is bigger than the foot shoes, often choose to change to cater to walk. . Over time, the wrong walk. will on the child irreversible impact on foot muscles and bones. 3, try to let the child more, do not encourage children to walk ahead of time. Crawling is important, the reserves of walking can help children to exercise the muscles and balance, do strong support for the baby to walk. Early intervention to walk, baby’s legs and feet to support body weight, easy to cause the deformation of lower limb and foot. More than 4, vitamin D supplement to the child, and in the sun. Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium. The formation of much vitamin vitamin D. Strong bones, can prevent children foot deformation. 5, configuration, correct shoes and sports massage. If parents have found that children have serious O leg or serious flat feet or high arches, the phenomenon such as after sufficient evaginate will take children to the relevant authority to evaluate and check, correct shoes custom-made center according to the results of the inspection configuration correction to the child’s shoes. Correct the shoes by adjusting the foot line to make it close to normal biological force, reduce the arch flat part of the pull of the muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of strain occurs. By the principle of foot problem can be corrected. Foot haven’t finalize the design, and the teenage years are the golden age of correction. With proper exercise and massage, can shorten the process of recovery.