Treasure mom dad early see treasure don’t regret! Children’s flat feet can correct

children wear shoes can lead to improper flat feet?

as parents hope their children grow up healthy development, they have to wear the very thoughtful. But parents know? If they wear shoes in childhood undeserved, can cause children flat feet.

experimental research shows that children’s wear shoes in childhood can cause improper flatfoot. Because if shoes don’t fit me, it will hinder the foot bone development, encouraged kids to play with flat feet. So in terms of children’s shoes, do not neglect. As far as possible choose suitable for baby shoes, the quality is better, breathable fabrics. What is more important for children shoes foot development.

flat feet can correct children

confirm if their children have flat feet, can correct is a major concern of parents. If you can correct, should from what respect began, corrective effect is better.

when a child is diagnosed flatfoot symptoms, parents to children’s shoes can’t so casual as he used to be. Change shoes foot pad is the commonly used non-surgical therapy, mainly supporting arches, improvement in the position of dislocation of joints. Walking shoes to hard ground, which reduces foot stress.

children if it is severe deformity, non-surgical treatment is not feasible, parents can choose corresponding operation depending on the type of the lesion. Such as a series of soft tissue and bone reconstruction surgery to rebuild arches. Ankle lesions can go walking boots to alleviate the symptoms, with the foot pad orthoses. Children placed stabilizer subtalar joint treatment.

TIPS: parents correct children flatfoot symptoms at the same time, can let the child do orthopaedic flat feet every day.

1, toe and heel, the other side on the go.

2, two legs forward, forcibly toe and stretched toe, from slow to fast, time for 20 seconds.

3, with toes clip ( Small ball, sand, etc. ) , the foot exchange.

4, bipedal heart folded a small ball, about the anterior rubbing for 20 seconds.

5, foot on the ball, left, right and forward, rubbing feet done alternately, each do 20 seconds.

6, adults holding hands with children, with the hand, pull up, make children before using the ball stand. Then slowly falling, big hands make children’s feet. So do as a set of 4 times repeatedly, do 2 – After 3 times to relax.