Treat the baby walk eight words in the correct shoes

When baby born, when thinking of teeth, what time do you can talk, when will walk, when can I start running, worry about mother to the baby’s only become more, not less. After the baby began to walk, just thinking about the baby’s walking posture is correct, correct shoes said small make up for today! 1, baby when first learning to walk, to stand up, on the ground, with the feeling of the body naturally correct body gravity, adopt different gait. This obviously is physiology sex, if the situation is not serious, as the baby grew up in eight phenomenon will disappear. 2, tibial rotation deformity, it is a natural phenomenon, the baby’s shin is not straight, the ankle itself, walking appeared in the horoscope, it must make a diagnosis and give treatment to the hospital as soon as possible, 3. O leg, X leg children walk have a different gait, centered on the knee, o-type leg is the child’s tibia incurve, legs together appears as a O; X leg is knock knees, legs together when the left leg outwards, and thigh form X shape. The reason of the above and see, if it is a physiological reasons, such as baby growth of grade, no relationship. If pathological reason, it is need to make a diagnosis and give treatment to the hospital. By wearing the custom-made shoes orthopaedic correction within eight words. According to the baby’s feet in the shoes of spin, according to the pathogeny of baby foot at the bottom of the system to make a certain slope, as the change of baby gait, usually six months in a pair of shoes. ( Rokab) Refining technology team, has a group of medicine, orthopedic, biomedical engineering background, bachelor, master, doctor, postdoctoral personnel. Focus on scientific research in the field of research and the university of Toronto, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, capital medical university, clinical hospitals at all levels have a wide range of scientific research cooperation, in the ankle biomechanics and clinical treatment, children’s foot disease, diabetic foot, intelligent orthopaedic footwear, and other fields have in-depth research, to participate in a number of state-level scientific research projects, and international SCI articles published nearly ten. Research and development equipment and products of the highest won the second prize in the international, and has a number of invention patents, clinical orthopaedic centre to undertake a number of colleges and universities undergraduate, master’s and doctoral research topic, strive to be the feet for basic research and clinical research field keep synchronous with the developed countries.