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Treatments of the flat feet and the pain of walking high arches

by:Ideastep     2020-12-14

the foot arch's orthopaedic disease, refers to one foot inside the radian of naturally occurring fitting, like arch bridge arches and help people walk in shock absorption, adapt to the terrain, stable, if the arch is not obvious, or arch is too high, will affect the stability of walking. Arch is not obvious or no arches, namely we often say flat feet, commonly known as 'the mother duck feet'; The arch is too high, it is called a high arches.

gold 7 - flat feet correction 9

flat feet weakness is walking to the inward turning force is too large, easy to make the leg pain I tired.

has innate and acquired flatfoot, since almost every child in the toddlers are flat feet, so the doctor would suggest parents let nature take its course, have to sit tight. 7 -, said the child 9 years old is found that the golden age of congenital treatments flat feet, if the children this age is often walk imbalance, and fall frequent, or go for a while he began to cry out pain want to honor hold, have to help physicians, a correction or use shoe pad.

high arches walk pain easy long cocoon

high arches, in contrast to the flat feet, walking outside the drawback is that spiral force is too large, and because of the foot part of the claw is more, lead to the whole body pressure on heel and forefoot, especially long cocoon, pain, foot structure is tight and prone to thenar muscle membrane inflammation.

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