Using the correct shoes for flat feet helps children?

Flatfoot children in addition to surgical correction, the correction of shoes really works?

online now and a lot of maternal and infant children’s stores have propaganda, buy a pair of children correct shoes can rectify children flat feet, and the correct shoes are expensive. Then, using the correct shoes for flat feet helps children? Actually the flat feet of children not born hereditary, can try to use correct shoes or corrective insoles for correction. Correct shoes is a method for the treatment of flat feet routine. Now in the hospital on the market there are many kinds of corrective shoes to help those with flat feet to achieve correct foot, a lot of friends are not sure this kind of method and other methods can effectively treat the disease, the following is to explain one by one to you: first of all, the arch pad. In ordinary shoes, this kind of treatment method of flat feet controversial, questioned think arches pad will increase the stress of the plantar fascia, a lot of people use the arch foot pain, plantar fascia relaxation can make flat. Second, the surgical treatment. This method is not very common, flat feet have certain operation risk, best to large hospital to find experienced ankle surgery specialist. At last, the orthopedic shoes. The treatment methods mainly requirements within the sole thickness of flat feet slightly higher than the lateral side, the foot of the lateral force, reduce stress in longitudinal arch. In recent years, the emergence of negative shoes, sole is high after low before, this method is based on flat feet and gravity line back, make the line of gravity moved to the bearing capacity of the strongest heel, can maximum reduce the pressure of arch, flat feet is have certain effect. For a flexible flat feet with pain, can use the orthopedic shoe or orthopedic insoles. But there is no evidence of orthopedic shoes and insoles can effectively change the arch structure, use of orthopedic shoes or insoles purpose mainly is to improve the patient’s comfort level. Serious need to do surgery, depending on the flat feet causes can adopt different ways of operation, including Durham flatfoot keratoplasty, medial plantar flexion wedge bone bone, three joint arthrodesis, calcaneal posterior displacement of osteotomy, the front of calcaneal osteotomy open models one by one, Kidner surgery ( Deputy scaphoid excision plus posterior tibial tendon transfer) , the joint surface tarsal joint resection, subtalar joint arthrodesis, subtalar joints, brake, etc. Introduces the correct shoes correction for friends, children above flat feet, to the question of whether or not a difference can be seen from above, by using the correct shoes flat feet from work, my friends, can be used if it can’t completely treatment, can take a surgical approach.