Varicose veins is no small matter, you want to attach

after the end of the holiday, and inevitably back, nine to five sedentary office mode. But accidentally discovered: strips blue purple appeared on the legs and thighs ‘worms’, and ‘crawling’ the lower limbs.

today, take you to learn about the ‘earthworm leg’ : varicose veins.

varicose veins refers to subcutaneous vein expansion, expansion, extend, circuity, present a blue or green purple in the epidermis, often appear in the thigh, calf and feet. Accompany symptoms include:

the leg tingling, heavy, from time to time; The foot and ankle swelling; Legs feel burning, and stirring; Leg ministry muscle spasms, increase in the night; Dry, itchy skin.

the above symptoms in warm weather or stand for too long time will also increase. In general, walking or appropriate to lie flat after the leg drive up to the higher than that of the position of the heart, the symptoms can be to some extent.

so, what is the cause of varicose veins?

with the muscle movement, vein squeezed continuously, make the blood flow in the direction of specified. Under normal conditions, the blood from the heart through the artery transmission to the whole body organs, and then from the venous flow back to the heart. In order to prevent the blood flow, blood vessels in a series of small ‘valve’, by adjusting the switch state, to ensure that the flow of blood to the designated direction: ‘valve’ opens, blood through; ‘Then’ valve closed quickly, in order to prevent the blood flow.

however, if the venous wall excessively stretching, and lose elasticity, these ‘valve’ will not be able to function properly. This time, local blood will flow, and stagnation in the vein, eventually lead to swelling and varicose vein.

the blood circulation, the venous will swell, and twisted. The following the crowd is relatively easier to varicose:

women: female hormone can make vein wall in a relaxed state, are more likely to make the valve cannot work normally;

in the members of the family: a history of the varicose veins have certain genetic factors;

: senior age after venous wall are more likely to lose elasticity, ‘valve’ also easy dysfunctional;

overweight, overweight can cause too much pressure to the venous wall, that is to say, human being overweight, that would cause more pressure to the vein ‘valve’, makes it more difficult to normal operation;

need long time ZhanLiZhe: stand up for a long time, more difficult from the venous blood flow to the heart.

: pregnant women during pregnancy, venous blood flow through the quantity is larger than under normal circumstances, in order to provide nutrients for baby, this is also extra pressure for vein. Pregnancy higher hormone levels may also affect the tension of the venous wall.

so, varicose veins how to treat and prevent?

sex, genetics and age problems are inevitable, but being overweight can depend on weight control and proper weight control. For workers need to stand for a long time, can wear varicose veins dedicated stretch hose, make lower limb venous blood backflow, effectively relieve or improve the pressure of lower limb vein and vein valve.

if the disease is severe, such as abnormal bleeding, pain, etc. , requires surgery.