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Walk to see mobile phone, be careful twist to the feet!

by:Ideastep     2020-09-18

the rapid pace of city and everyone in on the road in a hurry to put down his mobile phone, afraid to miss this one, if not be careful on empty at this time, often give twisted foot. Each time the met passed looked down at my mobile phone in the unit colleague, I always cannot help but remind them: 'walk to see mobile phone, be careful twist to the feet! '

ankle sprain is all too common, almost everyone had or light or heavy sprained my ankle. Say a joke, not twist feet of life is not full of life. And long-term follow-up studies have shown that ankle sprains can increase the risk of sprain again, and may cause long-term pain discomfort and joint instability, resulting in decreased movement ability and the quality of life. So, sprained my ankle is not small, should be taken seriously.

ankle from the far end of the tibia and fibula and talus, multiple sets of ligaments connect with each other, mainly be responsible for the activities of flexion and extension, at the same time also can undertake small internal and external screw and inner and outer. Powerful and flexible solid and stable ankle, is the guarantee of human body standing weight-bearing and walking forward.

more ankle sprains in young, active people, about half of the sprain occurred in the process of exercise, especially basketball, patients are often a jumper at the ground when he stepped on the feet of others, causing injury; Of course, walk to see mobile phone twist to the feet are abundant. The vast majority of cases, varus sprained the ankle, the structure of the lateral ligament damage.

his ankle after what should I do?

ice compress can control effectively alleviate pain, swelling, and can reduce the metabolic level of local avoid secondary injury; During ice compress towel wrapped ice bag could be used directly in the sore, retreat for 10 minutes, stop using 10 minutes and then apply for 10 minutes, condition permits can repeat every 2 hours, during which must pay attention to observe the skin, prevent frostbite. Believe that the literature for 3 to 7 days after the injury to ice compress has therapeutic value.

muscle strength training contains the back stretch, plantar flexion, four groups of muscles in varus and valgus rehabilitation, for patients with lateral ligament damage, curl peroneal muscle strength training is particularly important. After ankle sprains, located within the ligament has been hurt by a body sensory receptors, with specific rehabilitation training, help to improve people's sense of balance, to reduce the strain.

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