Watch the baby foot has a problem, wear shoes with correct auxiliary correction after severe sufficient evaginate

sufficient evaginate and eversion back stretch enough, is refers to the children’s heel axial deflection, is one of the common foot deformity. Sufficient evaginate brought about because of a foot tendons dysplasia deformity, with flat feet and navicular collapse at the same time, the middle point of the calf, Achilles’ tendon and calcaneal at attachment type. In addition, sufficient evaginate will trigger the ankle outer deformation. Small make up to tell you this can be treated. This to help the cerebral palsy patients with the help of a better life is great, so children can appear sufficient evaginate. And how to give sufficient evaginate training? Please see below small make up a detailed answer questions for you.

what is arch exception?

arches abnormalities are usually characterized by flat feet, high arches, and sufficient evaginate. Flatfoot judgment is very simple, as long as the parents to the child’s foot do simple test. First, prepare a dry floor or newspaper; And then let the child’s foot wet, firm pressure to the floor or in the newspaper; The last observation of foot watermark. If it is a normal footprints, more than half of the foot is no watermark, flatfoot children watermark usually covered the entire surface, flat feet, the greater the full scope of surface of watermark. The following this picture, can clearly than child development condition of flat feet.

children with high arches, often than normal children prone to foot fatigue and pain. This is because a person who is high arches arch stiffness, not very good buffer effect to the body, easy to cause damage, in 25% of the normal people have high arches, called occult high arches. Through the chart can judge your arch type.

how to judge yourself as sufficient evaginate? If sufficient evaginate refers to the baby after parapodum weight and landing within standing or walking, parapodum bow tend to sag, often appear together with flat feet, X leg. After sufficient evaginate serious baby when walking foot fatigue and pain, affect walking posture and daily life.

if it is found that the baby has had more apparent arch of the foot problems, suggested that parents love vigorous correct shoes and custom insoles center for professional consultation, a pair of suitable corrective shoes, early intervention. According to understand, love has been correct shoes have a specially designed heel cup and the characteristics of dual density soles, wear, can be more effectively the centralizer heel and ankle, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child walk, can cut the odds of joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications.

sufficient evaginate diagnosis

after the baby was born with one side or double parapodum department in plantar flexion deformity. The front foot adduction overpronate, talus plantar flexion, calcaneal varus plantar flexion, Achilles tendon and plantar fascia contracture. Front feet wider, heel is narrow small, high arches. Former outstanding external ankle, medial malleolus after partial and not obvious.

when walk on plantar outer load, serious when foot back edge weight, weight bearing area produce slippery bursa phlogistic and callus. Unilateral deformity, walk with a limp, bilateral deformity, swaying walk.

X-ray radiography: from the longitudinal axis of the first metatarsal bone and cross Angle is greater than 15 & deg; , heel and plantar surface of longitudinal axis Angle is less than 30 & deg; 。

sufficient evaginate of the patient’s diet guidelines

into high calcium food. To ensure the normal need of bone metabolism. Feed more milk, egg, bean products, vegetables and fruits, necessary supplement calcium.

eating foods rich in vitamins. As far as possible in the daily diet, eat more vegetables and fruits and other foods rich in vitamins, try to avoid eating fatty foods.

eat more high protein food. For patients with sufficient evaginate to add rich nutrition, especially in the protein is given priority to, often edible milk, egg, soybean milk and meat, etc.

excess weight is appropriate diet, increased activity, weight loss, help reduce joint load.

eating foods containing carbohydrates. Patients with sufficient evaginate main staple food to rice, pasta, porridge contains carbohydrates such as much food is given priority to, lest because of food too miscellaneous, hinder the nutrient absorption.

appropriate food shells. High protein content, rich in calcium, it can improve the body’s immune function. 200 g steamed to eat. Every Tuesday.

should eat milk. Protein content is high, can promote tissue protein synthesis, suitable for the disease to eat after the operation. 250 – 500 milliliter drink.

appropriate eating oysters. Is rich in zinc element, it can improve the body’s immune function. To reduce the disease infection of inflammation may after the operation. 5 – Eight every day. Steamed.