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What to do with the inner eight characters?

by:Ideastep     2021-05-28

Inner Bazi is just a phenomenon, not a cause. There are many types of causes of the internal horoscope, such as foot valgus, foot varus, foot adduction, and foot internal rotation. The unified representation of all these causes is the internal horoscope. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm which type the child belongs to before choosing the orthopedic shoe program symptomatically. For some reasons, orthopedic shoes can be used for corrective treatment, and the effect is very good. Some reasons not only belong to the scope of orthopedic shoes, but also need to cooperate with other therapies. Therefore, a professional orthopedic doctor should judge the child's condition and then formulate an orthopedic plan. The correction period generally lasts for a long time, and it takes at least one or two years. There is no quick fix, so you can't be too eager to get it done.

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